Jim McClinsey: The Scoop

Jim_McClinseyHi, I’m Jim McClinsey and I specialize in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). I have a long history of loving technology and have been steeped in multiple aspects of various tech fields from a very early age.

As a child, I had access to all the latest technology, thanks to an uncle with a passion for the newest computer equipment.

This formed a solid understanding of how things work, along with my love for all things mechanical.

I live in Middletown with my wife Brenna and 2 year old son Michael. Here he is having fun with the camera:

I hold a Master’s degree in Literacy, but more on that later. Teaching was a big part of my life for over a decade.

My wife is an Audiologist and hard working mom. She’s my voice of reason, always a great way of double checking myself if I have doubts. We’ve lived locally for the duration of our marriage.

I’m a long time resident of the area- in fact I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for most of my life.

I’ve run small businesses from the age of about 11 when I got my first paper route. That and washing cars in the neighborhood led me to a house cleaning business, followed by an auto detailing business.

I’d always loved the idea of working for myself and being my own boss.

My parents had different ideas for my future, which led me to attend college classes on a part time basis while working my businesses.

Eventually, it became clear that I’d need to focus on college and put my entrepreneurial bent to rest temporarily.

Temporarily turned into years, which led me to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree.

Upon graduating with my undergraduate degree, I was hired by the Middletown Police department to work with their computer systems and confidential data management because of my college background and also my love for technology. I even entertained thoughts of becoming a policeman, but quickly decided it was not for me after seeing things from the “other side”.

So I sought a teaching position, while still doing auto detailing and repairing people’s computers. My first teaching position was, strangely enough, with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, teaching computer literacy classes to the inmate population.

I’d found a quirky conglomeration of my areas of talent. Still, I quickly became bored and wanting another challenge after a few years, I began to think about what else I might like to do.

Following that position, I secured a more traditional teaching position and began a course which led to my being granted tenure in 2008.

Most of what I taught was related to technology and science, although I did also teach English, Math and Social Studies and English as a Second Language. I really liked the people I was working with, made a lifelong friend and sunk my teeth into the very serious business of teaching my students.

Seeking another new challenge after completing my Master’s degree, I left the classroom and became a Certified Crisis Counselor for at risk kids. This job required the use of psychology and physical intervention, depending on the day. Sometimes I’d be settling down a student and getting to the bottom of whatever issue had arisen. Other days, a more physical approach was necessary to keep both students and staff safe.

Then came the financial meltdown, which eliminated the budget for most of the school resources that paid my division.

The loss of my teaching job/ career was in serious jeopardy and I spent the next 6 months wondering what I’d like to do next that did not require me to deal with education administration and had more of an entrepreneurial bent than I’d been able to nurture over the previous decade.

I knew I would be behind the 8 ball financially until I got rocking and rolling and this was a major shock to my system after a decade of increasing pay and benefits.

Upsetting? Certainly, but I jumped in with both feet to take on yet another challenge in the form of starting a business focused on search engine optimization and web design.

I’d run many websites over the years, even designing some for schools I was teaching at. My classes on web design were always popular with my students and I really liked the idea of letting my creative side play a bit.

I’d also learned about search engine optimization in the days of its infancy to make a few extra bucks and found it absolutely fascinating.

Having ranked many of my own and others’ websites in the search engines, I was ready to offer my services to local businesses. I joined a mentoring program to hone my SEO skills which led me to clients mostly outside of the Mid Hudson Valley.

As a result, my time working with Hudson Valley businesses has been somewhat limited. Investments were made in terms of promotion, such as joining the local Chamber of Commerce and small local print and radio media buys.

That, coupled with previous experience in small business helped me to get a few friends on board to do the work I preferred to delegate.

Today, I consult on search engine optimization projects across the US and offer coaching to others who want to learn the trade.  I also do web design, social media management and reputation management.

I’m really happy that you stopped by, please give me a call at (845) 204-3797 or email Inquiries@DomainsByJim.com if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

Your initial consultation is gratis so you can decide if you’d like to work with me before investing.